Helaine's Greeting cards - giclee printed- FOR SALE NOW!

Giclée Photo Greeting Cards on Fine Art Paper

Sold in clear plastic boxes of six cards
with envelopes bound with gold cord or individually

Each card is printed on textured fine art paper with Helaine Ettinger's signature on the front and her logo on back. Cards are blank on the inside.
Closeup of Giclee Card showing fine paper texture

Indicate the cards you would like to order using the checkboxes below them. Choose 6 cards for one box.
Boxes of 6 are $22.00, individual cards are $4.00 each with a 3-card minimum.
Holiday Greeting Cards (click to enlarge)

Floral Greeting Cards
Solo Rose
Circular Succulent
Succulents Pointed
Cosmos and Delphiniums
Winter Cabbage
Pink Peony
Daisies - Group
Shasta Daisy
Rhodie- Pink and Yellow
Rhodie Pale Pink
Rhodie Orange
Ivory White Rhodie
Pond Lilies
Pond Reflections
Pond turtles Reflected
Pond Flowers Fuschia
Pond Koi
White Azalea
Hot Pink Azalea
Magenta Pansies
Purple Pansies
Violet and White Pansies
White Stamens
red and Orange Stamens
Double Hibiscus
Blue Hydrangea
White Orchid With Magenta Spots
White Orchid
Magenta Orchid
Mini Gardenia- Artsy
White and Yellow Flower- Speciesw Unknown
Scotch Broom
Spanish Lavender
Umpachene Falls Butterfly (Viceroy?)
Yellow Flowers and Wood in Berkshires

If the number of card sets of 6 does not match the number processed through the payment center, Helaine will contact you to determine which photos you would like to include in your order.

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